Varilux X Series... This is game changing!

The #1 chief complaint that we hear from patients wearing progressive lenses is the inescapable need to "bobble head" around in order to find the sweet spot, especially at the computer. Well... those days are gone.

The new Varilux X Series introduces their Xtend technology, which is aimed at addressing the fact that most of our world is at arm's length. The Varilux X Series has been in development for 5 years, and patient testimonials are unanimous, this lens has virtually eliminated the need to move your head around to find mid-range clarity. Better distance... better reading, and all points in between.

For a limited time, these lenses are Buy-One-Get-One Free! Buy a set of Varilux X Series with Sapphire 360 Anti-Reflective and Transitions to be eligible for a complete 2nd set of lenses, equal or lesser value, for Free!

To learn more about the development of the Varilux X Series, watch this YouTube video

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