Eyeglass Repairs and Adjustments

If they ain't broke, don't fix'em... If they are, bring them to us. Whether your glasses are sliding down, too tight and digging in, or just in two pieces, we'd be happy to help. Big chain stores will often pressure you to buy a new frame if yours is damaged or broken, but at Rose Fashion Optical, most broken glasses can be repaired while you wait.

Pupil Dilation

Dilation is included as a routine part of your comprehensive eye exam. If you do not want your pupils dilated, the Doctor may request that you return for that portion of your exam at a more convenient time. When your pupils are dilated, you will be sensitive to light (because more light is getting into your eye) and you may notice difficulty focusing on objects up close. These effects are temporary, but they can last for up to several hours.

Glaucoma Testing

For this test, the Doctor will put yellow eye drops in your eye to numb it. Your eyes will feel slightly heavy when the drops start working. This is not a dilating drop — it is a numbing agent combined with a yellow dye that glows under a blue light. Then the Doctor will have you stare straight ahead into the slit lamp while he gently touches the surface of your eye with the tonometer to measure your intraocular pressure (IOP.)

Contact Lens Evaluation

The health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope (also called a slit lamp). This lighted instrument provides a highly magnified view of the cornea and other tissues to allow the Doctor to evaluate the health of the front of your eyes and detect any changes caused by contact lens wear. Typically, trial lenses are issued following your evaluation, and sometimes the Doctor will want you to schedule a follow-up visit to finalize your contact lens prescription.