J.F. Rey Designer Eyeglass Frames


In his own words, Jean-François Rey had this to say, “J.F.Rey is, above all, a family business with a common passion which continues today in the way we work,” he explains. “Team spirit is very important to us, at each level of the work, and it contributes to the success of our collections. The designers develop close and positive relationships, and even though each designer works on their own line, they are always exposed to the work of their colleagues, which provides cross-fertilization. Sensibilities, experience and vision are different for each designer and this makes for synergy. We have a very constructive and efficient way of working.”


With modern edgy design, J.F. Rey designer frames are evolved in a constantly advancing creative atmosphere. As a result, being fashionable is not a concern: since every frame is unapologetically off-beat and filled with character down to the very tip of the temple.

Furthermore, the Petite collection celebrates small female faces, too often forgotten by eyewear designers. Always attentive to his customers’ expectations, J.F. Rey is the first to have proposed stylish frames fitting for petite morphologies. Small size, perfect fit, refined stylistic signature and faithful to his brand codes, these models delight the smaller woman. Owing to it’s strong success, this collection grows each year with new concepts in acetate, metal and combinations.